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The Nations Largest County Jail Community and Bail Bonds Informational Website.

Our community was developed to help friends and family cope with their loved ones in jail. Visitors are able to ask questions, share their opinions, post jail stories, write bail bonds reviews, and more! We have information on every county jail in the United States. Inmate lookup, mugshots, and search tools, guides, visitation information, inmate phone system guidelines, contact information, and a unique system that allows you to ask jail specific questions or post comments about a county jail.

Inmates, friends, and family members also have the capability to find one of our verified and genuine bail bonds agents on each of our county jail pages. Our network of bail bonds companies have helped thousands of inmates be released from county jails across the USA. JailResource.com makes it easy for anyone to find a bail bondsman.

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Bail Bonds or otherwise known as "Surety Bonds" are a specialized contract that basically guarantees that the defendant will appear in court. When you post a bail bond, you and the bail agent agree together to be responsible for the full amount of the bail bond in case the defendant fails to make an appearance in court.

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Don't pay for a criminal background check. Run a do-it-yourself free background check on people and businesses. Once you're out of jail and done with the court system you'll want to work at getting your record expunged.

Most companies do criminal background checks on new hires and you don't want your record to cost you a job. You may need to hire a lawyer or contact the local courts to find out how to do this. The first step is to run a free background check. If you have additional questions post them on our Get Answers page.